Best Ductless Air Conditioner Solutions in Frederick County, MDYou have a chance to get the best ductless air conditioner in Frederick County, MD. Just speak with a professional about what the best mini-split AC systems are and how much money they can save you on your monthly bill, among other things. Ductless AC units are heat pumps, so they cool a space by removing heat from it. Just like a traditional ducted heat pump, they have an air handler and a compressor, but instead of cooling your whole home, they cool down a single room. This makes them perfect for room additions, garages, work sheds, attic spaces, and more.

    Besides that, you have the option of connecting up to eight air handlers to your compressor, making whole-house cooling a definite possibility. If you need more, you can always purchase another compressor. Now, it’s true that these systems aren’t cheap, but as you’ll see below, they more than make up for it with their durability and energy-efficient performance.

    Frederick County’s Best Ductless Air Conditioner

    When a traditional heat pump produces cool air, it sends that air through the ducts to each of your rooms. But leaks and holes, not to mention poor sealing, can suck away most of that air before it reaches the rooms, forcing the system to work longer to achieve the set point. Mini-splits avert this problem altogether, saving you a bunch on your monthly bill.

    Besides that, you get these benefits:
    • Variable-speed operation
    • Up to 30 years of performance
    • Multiple temperature zones
    • Directional airflow

    Variable-speed technology lets the system slow down when it has reached the set point; this is more efficient than when a single-speed unit switches on and off. Fortunately, its continual operation won’t bother you because it’s so quiet.

    Frederick County's Best Ductless Air Conditioner

    Multi-zone cooling can prove advantageous in a couple of ways. First, whoever is in the room where the mini-split is installed can have the temperature he or she wants regardless of the rest of the house. Second, you can adjust the temperature based on whether the room is occupied to begin with, whereas a central AC will cool everything no matter who’s at home.

    Frederick County’s Best Mini-Split AC

    Established in 2016 and serving Frederick County, Weather Masters Corp. has what it takes to set you up with the best mini-split AC for your home. As a Lennox Premier Dealer and Rheem Pro Partner, we know what the major brands have to offer and what can suit your situation best.

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    Frederick County's Best Mini-Split AC

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