September 20, 2021
Furnace Maintenance in Frederick, MD

The cold Maryland winters necessitate an efficient heating system in your home. The furnace is the heart of your heating system. It is important to ensure that it is functioning safely and efficiently before the cold season sets in. A professional furnace tune-up in the fall by our reliable HVAC technicians will help you make sure that any problems with your heating system are fixed well in advance. You will not need to worry about the possibility of emergency maintenance or expensive repair or replacement when you need your heater the most. Furnace maintenance is preventative and will also identify and fix any potential fire hazards.

Cleaning Furnace Components

The furnace burns fuel to generate heat, which it uses to heat the air that it recirculates in your home. Combustion produces by-products and deposits that accumulate within different areas of the furnace, particularly within the combustion chamber. Regular cleaning of these deposits is crucial to furnace efficiency and also to eliminate fire hazards.

In a gas furnace, LPG is piped into the combustion chamber and is ignited. As it burns, it produces carbon dioxide, water vapor and a carbon deposit in the form of soot. These substances build up on the walls of the combustion chamber and parts of the heat exchanger over time and can cause corrosion. This decreases the lifespan of your furnace and can also create holes, leading to gas leaks or potential fires. Our heating technician will thoroughly clean the combustion chamber and surface of the heat exchanger to prevent this.

Gas furnaces have multiple burners to ignite the fuel. They can accumulate debris and need to be cleaned regularly. A flame may not ignite in a dirty burner and the furnace safety switch may get activated incorrectly as it cannot detect a flame. Our technicians will detach the burners and clean them thoroughly with a brush, vacuum or compressed air.

Air filters need to be replaced periodically, ideally within 3 months, especially during peak use. They trap dirt and organic pollutants before they enter the furnace and eventually your living space. If the filter is dirty, the furnace will have to work harder and that will drive up your utility bills. It will also negatively impact your indoor air quality. Our technicians will replace the air filter and also lubricate all moving parts of the furnace.

Safety Inspections

The flame sensor detects a flame in the pilot and burners and only then allows fuel to enter the chamber for combustion. If no flame is detected, unburned gas will accumulate and leak, causing a fire or gas poisoning, so the sensor shuts off the gas valve. Our technicians will make sure that this crucial safety component is functioning properly. They will check the heat anticipator settings, flame signal, sensors and safety switches. They will check the exhaust flue for any corrosion that could lead to dangerous gas leaks.

Efficiency Tests

Our technician will make sure that the intake grills, supply registers and vents that are connected to your furnace are not blocked, as this could cause your heater to work harder and lead to energy wastage. They will inspect the blower motor and check that it is functioning efficiently and not drawing excess power. The thermostat determines how much fuel is burned in the furnace and how hard the furnace has to work to heat your space. A malfunctioning thermostat can increase your utility bills. Our technicians will check the thermostat for proper operation.

Adjustments and Repairs

Our technicians will perform fixes and adjustments where required. They will replace any frayed wiring or corroded parts and will recalibrate the thermostat if required. Adjustments will be made to electrical and mechanical parts for optimum efficiency and safety. Belts and pulleys will be tightened and our technicians will check valves for leaks and repair them accordingly. They will adjust the fuel-to-air ratio for optimum energy use by adjusting the gas pressure switch and will replace the thermocouple if required.

Weather Masters Corp. has been providing professional heating services to customers in Frederick, MD, and surrounding counties since 2016. Our exceptional service has earned us an accreditation and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, in addition to top ratings from our customers on Angie’s List. We have won the HomeAdvisor Elite Service Award and the 2019 Best of HomeAdvisor Award. We are members of the ACCA and are NPI-certified. In addition to heater maintenance, we also perform the installation and repair of heating systems and air conditioners. We are premium dealers of brands such as Lennox and Rheem and can work on any type of system. Our fully-trained and skilled HVAC technicians are available for a furnace tune-up. Call us today to schedule your furnace maintenance.

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