August 18, 2021
AC Systems in Frederick, MD

Choosing a suitable AC system type for your home can seem like a challenging task. However, our experts at Weather Masters Corp. can do the suitability analysis for the various types that can suit your home. We use a unique specific testing machine for IAQ called Air Advice for every home during testing. Our showroom displays all the equipment that we offer for sampling

We have reviewed some of the different types of ACs for informed decision-making in acquiring an AC for your Frederick home.

1. Hybrid AC System

Compared to traditional AC systems, a hybrid system uses a heat pump to cool the home. A hybrid system works both ways: heating and cooling. For any home that has a forced-air system, integration of the hybrid AC will fit.

The best aspect of this system is that as the outside temperatures fluctuate, so does the system’s functioning. It switches automatically between heating and cooling. In comparison to any gas furnace, this system comes on top as efficient.

2. Geothermal AC System

In a typical geothermal HVAC system, the heat pump that circulates the fluid is electrically powered. It works on the principle of heat exchange. Cool water flows through long loops of underground pipes and gets heated. It is then pumped back into the building.

The heat exchanger fitted in the system will transfer the heat from the fluid into the building’s heating system. These systems are growing in popularity, especially on the strength of energy savings. Considering that the world is moving toward clean and renewable energy in an accelerated way over the last few decades, what better way to champion the course than using geothermal heating alternatives?

3. Portable AC System

Portable ACs work by pulling in the air from the room where it is located or built through an internal motor inside the AC. It cools the air and then pumps it back into the building; it also takes in the warm air and excess moisture and dispels them out of the building.

The portable AC has three major components — the refrigerant, the compressor, and the fan — whose purpose is to cool air and circulate it throughout an area. As their name suggests, these units are moveable from a point to another. Thus, they combine all the components of other types of ACs into one solid and moveable appliance. These models are the best option to avoid incurring additional costs when moving from one residence to another or for cooling a single room in a multi-roomed house.

4. Smart AC System

With the advancement of technologies, we are getting more innovative with the technologies built into conventional systems. For example, modern AC systems come with inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity. You can connect your phone to the AC unit and control its schedule and allow for global controls as an added feature.

They continue to be acclaimed for their energy-saving capabilities. However, you have to pay much higher in acquisition than the other AC types. The good news is that you can also convert your regular AC to be “smart.” You need to get a smart AC thermostat, which is quite cost-effective.

5. Ductless AC System

This type of AC system was designed to provide heating and cooling for a single area. As its name suggests, there are no ducts involved in setting it up. Instead, the inside part is mounted onto the wall and then directly heats and cools a space.

The indoor and outdoor units are connected by electrical wiring and tubing. Some manufacturers, to enhance convenience, designed the ductless multizone system. This system can utilize a single outdoor unit to serve up to five indoor units. Ductless is considered the most versatile and convenient system for installation; you only need wiring and tubing and a single hole in the wall.

Turn to an Expert HVAC Company

Weather Masters Corp. is your perfect partner for a range of home-comfort solutions. We offer expert services in heating repair, heating installation, heating maintenance, cooling repair, cooling installation, and cooling maintenance. Our scope covers boiler repair, boiler installation, commercial HVAC, water heater repair, and water heater replacement as well. Get in touch with us through our call lines for immediate assistance. You can also visit our outlet at Weather Masters Corp. to see the display of all the equipment we offer.

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