January 10, 2022
Heating Repair Questions in Frederick, MD

When your heating system breaks down in the middle of winter, you likely just want professional technicians to fix it quickly. Once they do their job, it’s crucial that you ask them the questions below so that you are more informed about your system and its future needs.

What Was the Problem and Why Did It Happen?

You want to start out by identifying what the specific problem was. This will allow you to understand what particular parts were replaced. You’ll also want to understand why the problem occurred. Sometimes, problems can develop due to a lack of maintenance or faulty parts. It’s crucial to know the cause so that you can change future behaviors, like getting maintenance more often, if the problem was preventable.

Is This Solution Short or Long Term?

Sometimes, getting the appropriate parts isn’t always feasible in the middle of the night. Our heating technicians may provide a short-term fix to get your system up and running while they wait to get the appropriate part. Or, our technicians could’ve informed you of other foreseeable problems that are a ticking time bomb. You’ll want to know how much time you have until another breakdown happens.

When Should My Unit Be Serviced Next?

Be sure to inquire when your heating system should be serviced next. It’s not uncommon for heating technicians to recommend a system inspection in a few weeks or at the end of the season. This way, they can check up on the repair to ensure that everything is back to working correctly.

Is There More Preventative Maintenance I Should Be Doing?

Now is the time to ask what you should be doing as a homeowner to properly maintain your system. Having an HVAC technician face-to-face gives you the unique opportunity to inquire about the maintenance tasks that you should be doing and will allow you to get specific answers to your questions regarding completing them.

How Many More Years Will My Unit Last?

When our HVAC technicians work on your unit, they can make an informed decision about its future. Be sure to ask them how much longer they believe your system will last. This can give you some solid information about how to budget accordingly to purchase a new unit in the future when your existing unit is expected to reach the end of its lifespan.

Are There Any Other Foreseeable Problems?

Just after your technician fixes the current problem, it’s best to inquire about any other foreseeable issues. Trained technicians are capable of assessing the quality of the parts inside of your heating system. If there are foreseeable problems, like a cracking heat exchanger, then they’re going to be able to inform you about them. This information can also allow you to schedule and budget for any upcoming repairs.

What Warning Signs Should I Be Looking Out For?

Before you let your chosen HVAC technician walk out of the door, you want to be informed of any warning signs that you should be looking out for. These will be signs that will tell you that something is wrong and you need the technician to come back out. Some examples of warning signs include an odd smell or an unusual system noise. By understanding what to specifically look out for going into the future, you can be more proactive in calling the technician back out if there is a problem.

Will My Warranty Cover the Repair Service?

Most new furnaces will come with a 10-year warranty. This will help to cover the costs of parts and sometimes labor for certain problems. It’s best to check with your service technician to understand if this repair service is covered under your system’s warranty. Realize that parts and labor may be addressed differently. For example, your warranty may specifically cover the cost of faulty parts. However, it may not cover the labor that goes along with replacing that part.

Is My Unit Sized Correctly?

Since you have HVAC technicians at your home, it’s worth taking advantage of their knowledge while you can. Be sure to ask them if your current heating unit is correctly-sized to fit the needs of your home. This can give you some insight into whether you should invest in a bigger unit going into the future or if you need to downsize because your unit is oversized.

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