Heating Maintenance in Gaithersburg, MDThere should be no question about homeowners getting heating maintenance in Gaithersburg, MD even if they just bought their furnace or heat pump. The fact is that many manufacturers offer their warranties only on the condition that homeowners get a professional heat pump or furnace tune-up once a year. Even if you don’t have a warranty on your system, you want it maintained so that it provides efficient cooling for years to come and doesn’t break down sooner than it should. In the meantime, you could enjoy having lower energy bills and face fewer repairs in the future.

    Heating Maintenance in Gaithersburg

    Any number of things can start to go wrong in a furnace or heat pump, especially if it sees continual use every winter. Many of these problems will escape your notice until suddenly the system breaks down, and before then, they’ll put a strain on your system and perhaps even affect the temperature of the air it generates. With a furnace tune-up, you get to have these problems addressed early on.

    Heating Maintenance in GaithersburgWhat’s involved in a tune-up? There are many tasks, though that doesn’t mean that homeowners can’t do their part in maintaining the system. They should, for instance, replace the filter at least every 90 days: maybe sooner, depending on the type. They could also clean the compressor unit of their heat pump, which can get clogged with fallen leaves and dust.

    Commend the rest to a professional, though, including the:
    • Thermostat calibration
    • Airflow testing
    • Leak inspection
    • Electrical wiring check

    With a calibrated thermostat, you won’t be stuck wondering why your system shuts off when it is still cold or continues to run when it’s already hot enough. With proper airflow, there won’t be the danger of overheating.

    Furnaces may leak gas, heat pumps may leak refrigerant, and both may let your warm air escape through the air ducts. A tune-up can capture all of these issues. Technicians may also lubricate moving parts and replace any bent fan blades. There’s so much more, and we, for our part, would love to tell you more about it during a consultation.

    Gaithersburg’s Furnace Tune-Up Team

    We’re Weather Masters Corp., and we’re ready to set you up for a heat pump or furnace tune-up here in Gaithersburg. Our company boasts a number of qualifications, including an A+ rating with the BBB, consistently high ratings on Angi, and status with HomeAdvisor as an Elite Service Pro.

    We know homeowners would rather shop and dine in Rio rather than spend two hours with a heating technician, but the benefits far outweigh the hassle. From start to finish, you’ll be given our warm attention.

    Call today for a convenient heating maintenance appointment! We are also available for heating repair and installations.

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