Furnace Maintenance in Damascus, MDFurnace maintenance in Damascus, MD should be on the top of every homeowner’s to-do list when fall rolls around. Getting a heating tune-up is an essential way to prepare for the cold of winter, and it can prevent any unpleasant situations where you’re left without working heat. What do we mean by maintenance, though? Will it take up much of your time? The answer is no. By maintenance, we mean an annual tune-up of the heating system that takes only one to two hours to complete.

    Furnace Maintenance for Damascus Residents

    Professional maintenance will naturally overlap with some of the simple tasks that you’ve been undertaking yourself, such as the filter replacement. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a technician take over that part once a year; the technician may even give advice as to what would be a more efficient filter to use.

    Furnace Maintenance for Damascus Residents

    By and large, though, the tune-up will cover things that the average homeowner never dreams of doing alone, such as:
    • Calibrating the thermostat
    • Testing the airflow
    • Checking for loose connections
    • Checking for worn or unbalanced parts

    Technicians can also handle any minor replacement jobs then and there. Any major jobs will be brought up in the detailed report at the end; that way, homeowners have time to review the findings and make an informed decision. Other tasks that maintenance will consist of the lubrication of motor bearings and other parts, the cleaning of coils and heat exchangers, and a check for leaks.

    Coils are an especially sensitive component. Both furnaces and heat pumps come with evaporator coils, and the latter comes with an additional coil in the outdoor unit called the compressor coil. These must be kept clean and free of debris, or else you’ll soon get lukewarm air and short cycling. Leaks, including dangerous gas leaks, can develop in furnaces as well. You’ll be glad to hear that technicians check for air duct leaks, too.

    Trusted Heating Tune-Up Team

    Since opening in 2016, Weather Masters Corp. has quickly made a name for itself as a provider of heating services, including heating tune-up services. We love to serve the people of Damascus and to show that love, we provide quality work for a fair price. Our technicians are highly experienced and familiar with all makes and models. We have also been designated as a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer and a Rheem Pro Partner. Our shop is located on Metropolitan Court in nearby Frederick, and we’re ready to serve you today.

    Give Weather Masters Corp. a call for more details about furnace maintenance! You can also count on us for furnace repair and installations, too.

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