July 29, 2021
Common AC Problems in Frederick, MD

No one likes to be without the cool comfort of a great air conditioner during the summer. Making sure your unit is in good working order requires you to schedule regular maintenance visits. Sometimes you can fix the problem by yourself, and sometimes a breakdown requires a professional to get it resolved. This quick guide provided for you by Weather Masters Corp. located in Frederick takes a look at what might be happening to your unit and what to do to fix it.

1. No Cold Air Blowing

When there’s no cold air blowing through your vents, an issue with the refrigerant can be the cause. Refrigerants are a mix of chemicals designed to chill the air coming from your AC system. If the levels aren’t high enough, the air won’t be cold. Levels can drop due to a leak. They can also be low because the factory didn’t place an adequate level in the system during the assembly process.

Because of the chemical and pressurized nature of AC refrigerants, an experienced technician should be called to handle the issue. Look for an EPA-certified technician. These people know how to safely dispose of refrigerants and add more refrigerants to your equipment. They also know how to locate any leaks that should be repaired.

2. Air Barely Blows From Vents

Dirty air filters can block air from flowing properly from your air conditioner. If your system isn’t blasting air as it should, it’s probably a dirty filter. In most cases, this is something you can take care of yourself. Regular filter cleaning or replacement should occur about every three months. In homes where pet hair or high pollen is an issue, replace the air filter every two months or sooner. In homes where any kind of smoking or fireplace use occurs or someone has respiratory issues, replace your system filters more often.

Are you in need of an AC replacement or repair? Weather Masters Corp. provides qualified technicians to handle all AC services in Frederick. We’re known for our reliable workmanship and timely turnarounds.

3. Unit Doesn’t Come On

There are several reasons an AC doesn’t turn on. When this occurs, your first step is to check the breaker box for a flipped switch. Place the AC in the OFF mode before flipping the breaker on. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll want to check the thermostat.

With the system in the ON position, make adjustments to the thermostat. Give the system time to respond to the changes you’re asking it to make. If it doesn’t respond, it’s likely the thermostat needs to be replaced or repaired by a knowledgeable technician.

4. Overall Inadequate Cooling

Check all air vents to ensure they are not blocked by furniture, drapes, or other items. This includes the outside fan on the compressor where debris can build up and clog the fan. Regular duct cleaning may also help unblock the ventilation system and allow air to flow more freely. Before you spend money on duct cleaning, have the system inspected by a professional. Your unit may not be large enough to actually cool your entire floor plan. In order to solve this issue, replace the old unit with a higher-capacity model. You will enjoy energy savings in the long term.

Some homeowners opt for adding a ductless mini-split system to cool certain areas of the home. Some also solve the problem by closing vents and using portable AC units in rooms where cold air is insufficient. Portable units can be moved from room to room as needed. No matter how you solve the problem, make sure your electrical system can handle the changes you’ve made.

5. AC Won’t Shut Off

Another common sign that your thermostat is not working properly is when the system won’t shut off on its own. Your thermostat settings control the way the system operates. When the thermostat is broken or faulty, the system can keep running. Repairing a thermostat can be expensive, so it usually makes more sense to replace the thermostat instead. The replacement should be installed by a qualified AC expert.

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